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Free foreclosure list | Vernal, Roosevelt, Duchesne and Uintah Counties

Area Foreclosures

We understand. The goal for many people is to buy a house at the cheapest price possible to gain equity. Purchasing a foreclosure is a great way to do that. However, many companies have found a way to make good money in the process...the force you to pay for a list of foreclosures. We believe in home ownership and helping our clients get the best deal possible. As such, we have created a very powerful, email based tool to deliver you a list of foreclosed properties. This is just a sample of the available foreclosures.  Order your free foreclosure list to see every foreclosure available.  You will get full addresses and photos.  Best of all, you’ll never pay a dime to access this confidential information.  

Coldwell Banker RS West Real Estate will provide you with a free list of every available foreclosure in Uintah, Duchesne, Wasatch and Daggett counties.  Fill out the form for a custom list emailed directly to you.

Never pay for a list of foreclosures…ever.

Fill out this form to receive a free list of available foreclosures from any city in Utah, including HUD homes, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other REO properties.

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Many foreclosure companies want to sell you out-dated foreclosure information.  Our free foreclosure list will provide you with active foreclosures available to purchase immediately-guaranteed. We will never sell your information. 


Understanding Foreclosures 

Many home buyers are searching that "very best deal". You know a good deal when you see one right? Foreclosures are usually a good way to find a home below market value. There are a few things you should know before you jump into buying a foreclosure. Rest assured, we will give you the details to help you make an informed and solid home purchase. Foreclosures are available. In order to purchase a home in foreclosure, you need to be quick and informed. Our experience as foreclosure specialists will save you time and money on your next purchase.

Foreclosures....what you don't know.

Many foreclosures are private and never issued or offered to a public market. Realtors are usually the first line of contact when a bank is preparing a home for a future foreclosure. The key to buying a cheaper property is to associate yourself with an experienced Realtor who knows the foreclosure business.

Our Coldwell Banker Sales Associates specialize in working with banks, HUD and other foreclosure companies to list and sell these assets. They are trained to work with the banks and governmental entities that are trying to sell the foreclosed property. If you are looking for a "good deal" then schedule an appointment with any of the Coldwell Banker Sales Associates in the Coldwell Banker RS West office early in your search. Often our sales associates can have your offer prepared for the foreclosure before the property is listed with the hundreds of "foreclosure subscription" web sites.

When it comes to foreclosures, the early bird always gets the worm. If you want to get the best deal on a home, you have to get with a Realtor. Banks never sell their foreclosures on their own. They always use a real estate agent ...always. Fill out the form above to receive a free copy of every Vernal Ut foreclosure on the market. 

Foreclosure lists are available for the following cities and counties:

  • Vernal Utah foreclosures
  • Roosevelt Utah foreclosures
  • Duchesne Utah foreclosures
  • Uintah County foreclosures
  • Duchesne County foreclosures
  • Daggett County foreclosures
  • Any Utah city or county

Never pay a company to provide you with a list of foreclosures. Ever.            

You need to find out as much as you can about the foreclosed house and the circumstances that contributed to its status as a distressed property. The primary sources for this information are county assessors and recorders offices, title companies, your agent and the owner. And you want to look for information from unexpected sources also. There are some occasions when interested buyers have gleaned a wealth of knowledge from a neighbor who happens to be outside while the buyer is driving by to look at the property.

Research Tools

To determine whether a foreclosed house is a good buy or investment, you need the proper tools to research sales comps, property history, title status and other data that might affect the value of the property. Of course, before you close the deal on any property, we recommend that you do a complete title search through a title company.  This is the exact reason why your Vernal Home Finder agent will benefit you.  Your Realtor is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to homes that have recently sold, title company issue and more. 



If you have a Coldwell Banker Sales Associate, they have access to title information and can do much of the research for you. That doesn't mean you should sit back and wait for the agent to do all the work. If you continue to work on finding out as much information on your own, that not only will make your search more effective, it will also show your agent that you're a motivated buyer who's willing to put in some work to get a good bargain.

Calculate the Bargain

Ultimately, the purpose of all your real estate foreclosure research is to decide whether a given distressed property offers a good bargain-buying opportunity. To the outstanding unpaid loan balance you need to add all the liens against the property and any estimated fixing costs and then subtract that total from the market value of the foreclosed house. If the difference is a strong positive number, you and you agent will be armed with a solid offer.  With your calculations in hand your agent can begin negotiating a possible sale.


Get a Loan Pre-Approval

Gather financial information the lender will request and apply for pre-approval. Educate yourself on the lending process and what steps will be required.  Your offer will “hold no water” unless you can prove to the bank that you are pre-approved to make a quick purchase.  The bank is looking for the best dollar possible on the home, with the shortest time to close the transaction.   It is important to get pre-approved now to be best prepared when a home comes on the market.


Contact a Coldwell Banker Sales Associate today.  Vernal Office: 435-789-7555 | Roosevelt Office: 435-722-3533


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